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    The Atacama, driest, most extreme desert on our planet.

Atacama & La Tirana, Chile

Our journey around the globe starts off in this unearthly world of bubbling geysers, bizarre salt lakes and tranquil lagoons high in the Cordilleras.

In stark contrast recently inaugurated ALMA, the “Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array”, world’s most powerful telescope, where “astronomers are going to rewrite the history of the Universe”

In LA TIRANA, a little provincial backwater in the north of Chile, we plunge into the hurly-burly of a boisterous celebration. Once a year thousands of AMYARA, descendants of Chile’s indigenous people, dance the BAILE DIABLADA with terrifying devil masks to the wild beating of drums – the cults of the Virgin Mary and the mystical ancient mother figure PACHAMAMA, blending into one.

This stage has already been completed.

Impressions of the Chile set