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    Vast, unending sands, mystical cities, and the Sheltering Sky …

Fez, Morocco

From the lofty heights of an archaic Berber castle high up on the ROAD OF THE CASBAHS, we move down into a world straight out of Dante’s “Inferno”: THE TANNERS’ QUARTER, where the furriers ply their trade as they did thousands of years ago.

This inferno of vats and barrels filled with corrosive substances and glowing dyes is located in the SOUK of Fez, a confusing network of streets and alleys. It’s quite a moment, however, when we look from the restless streets behind the gateways and door, and the nobility of hidden inner courtyards comes into view: preciously adorned mosques and Quran schools, merchant houses and private palaces with handsome pleasure gardens. A trip from hell to paradise.