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Genre: Theatrical Documentary in HFR 3D
Running time: 90 Minutes
Production Company: Cinemonde Innovativ, San Diego/Munich
Co-Producer: Virtual Experience, Munich, Maximilian Laufer, Producer
3D-Production Services: Virtual Experience, Munich, Alaric Hamacher, Maximilian Laufer, Stereographer
3D-Areal Photography: Fluglinse, Tobias Oberberger, Florian Schlamminger
Field Producer Nepal: Deepak Shrestha
Produced by: Jochen Breitenstein
Executive Producer Bernd Schlötterer
Director of Photography: Hans Jakobi bvk
2nd Camera: Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann
Screenplay: Thomas Winzker
Directed by: Till Hastreiter
World Sales: Palatin Media
Kolosseumstrasse 1, 80469 Munich, Germany
Fon +49-89-4520 678-0
Fax +49-89-4520 678-19