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Stunning 3D footage, never-before experienced areal shots taken from remote-controlled multicopters, frame rates of 48 frames per second or more, ensuring rock-steady images and the 7.1 multi channel Dolby surround sound make this film the forerunner of a brand new genre …

All around the globe, we find sites of worship, testimony and clues to the depth of human faith and reverence – the bow before the Creator. And as different the testimonies and clues to profound faith may manifest themselves in the cultures of different peoples, it still appears as if they all had one common origin … BECAUSE EVERYTHING THAT DIVIDES US FROM ONE ANOTHER ALSO UNITES US!

Ancient churches, carved right out of the mountain side, mystical temple ruins in the middle of a dense jungle, elegant mosques amid the hustle and bustle of Souks, stirring processions in honor of the Blessed Virgin, mixed with heathen elements, archaic cremations beside sacred rivers, lively monasteries in the Himalayas and gigantic necropolis in the desert – all of them sites of human devotion.