2nd Camera

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Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann was born in Stuttgart, in 1969 and grew up in France.

After studying history in Paris, he went through his camera formation at Media- Academy Babelsberg. In the following years he had been working as a focus-puller and camera-operator for renowned DPs, such as Dietrich Lohmann, Pierre Mignot and Darius Kondhji, throughout international motion productions.
Torn between his love for documentary photography and film, his special subject has become the creative aspects and the technical control of 3D. As a 3D cameraman he gained experience in 3D projects, such as for Mercedes and the Swiss Tourist Board.

Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann contributed to internationally rewarded documentaries, such as „Huberbuam 3D“, a film about the strive of two German extreme climbers to overcome their limits. Gifted a patient personality predestines him to chase the light for stunning 3D time-lapses.

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