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Virtual Experience
The Munich (Germany) based company VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE is specialised in producing stereoscopic 3D films for more than 10 years.
Therefore they offer the complete stereoscopic service bandwidth from pre-Production, conceptional services to the final shooting, postproduction and the mastering of a Stereo 3D project. This also includes the production of movies for glasses free 3D displays.
Prodcution references include 3D feature movies, commercials, exhibition films and 3DTV productions.

Alaric Hamacher, founder and CEO of Virtual Experience started his 3D carreer as a pioneer in 2002 when he produced the first German, digital stereo 3D movie “Cyberheidi 3D“.
After over 10 years of 3D productions, including feature movies, commercials and tv productions, he has turned out to be an internationally renown and demanded stereo 3D specialist. During this period he has trained professionals worldwide and established a huge network of well reliable personal in all fields of 3D production.

Focusing on the growing asian market, Alaric Hamacher has recently extended Virtual Experience´s activities to Seoul, South Korea, where he is also teaching as a professor for „3D Contents Production“ at the famous Kwangwoon Univerity of Seoul.

Maximilian Laufer, COO and 3D producer of Virtual Experience specialized in the field of 3D production during his camera studies in 2007, when he was working on his bachelor thesis about modern, digital stereoscopy. During this time he started to work together with Alaric Hamacher on various 3D productions.
In 2010 he joined Virtual Experience as a stereographer and 3D producer.

Enduring technical research and the variety of different 3D productions has made him a skilled 3D producer and stereographer. Together with Alaric Hamacher he is keeping up the high demands of modern 3D film making in all areas of production, always introducing the most innovative, stereoscopic technologies including 3D octocopters, motion controlled timelapse photography and HFR 3D.

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