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Till Hastreiter

Born and raised in the south of Germany, Till Hastreiter lives in Berlin today. He began his film studies at the School of Film FAMU in Prague and finished at the Budapest College for Film SSF in 1997 as director and cinematographer. In 1998 he founded his first swiss-based production company called „GUTE FILME“, still until today producing fictional or documantary Arthouse movies with them, working himself as director or producer.

His first longplay movie he did as director, called „STATUS YO!“ was a favourit of the public at the BERLINALE FORUM 2004 and won awards from festivals all around the world.
In 2007, Hastreiter being a genre film lover 2007, founded the genere label „European Motion Pictures“, with which he is producing genre movies in english. This is where he also developed the phantasy thriller „The Forbidden Girl“. This as a first independently produced 3D movie from Germany will start at movie theaters in over one hundred US cities in 2013.
Till is also a lecturer for 3D as a narrative design element and teaches „low and no budget film making“ in third world countries on behalf of the GOETHE-Institute.

Filmography Cinema/Direction
STATUS YO! 2004, 120 minutes
The Breeder 2007, 90 minutes
The forbidden Girl 3D 2012, 90 minutes

Filmography Cinema/Author

STATUS YO! 2004, 120 minutes
Seven DaysTo Die 2006, 90 minutes
The Breeder 2007, 90 minutes
The forbidden Girl 3D 2011, 90 minutes
4,5,6, 90 minutes / Story / Exposee / Co Author
Frau Zucker will die Weltherrschaft 2013, 90 min Co Author

Awards/Festival Selection (Director/Producer)

UP3D most innovative Directing in a 3D Movie 2012
Liege 2012 Best Film Nominee
Grand Jury Prize: Best feature Cuba 2006
Best feature cinematography Cuba 2006
Port Townsend: (USA) 2006 best narrative film
BERLINALE – 2004: Section Forum
International Film Festival Hof 2005: Sponsorship Award for German Film
Silver Pardino Festival Internazionale Locarno 2003
ITFA Cologne: golden pyramid 1999
corporate media 1999: special jury award
corporate media 1999: master of excellence

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