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Katina Zinner, ACE
Executive Producer

Filmography selection

Born in Los Angeles, Katina lived over half her life in Europe. She was educated both in the United States and abroad. She began working in the film industry as a film editor on foreign productions in Rome at the world- renowned Cine Citta studios.

Her late father, Academy Award winning editor, producer and director Peter Zinner, closely mentored her. With over thirty years experience, she’s worked on many high profile projects, from acclaimed features like “Soldier’s Girl”, to “War and Remembrance”, the longest running mini series ever, to award winning documentaries including “Marcia Hunt’s Sweet Adversity”.

She is a member of the Television Academy and her portfolio includes features, movies and miniseries’ for television, feature documentaries and foreign films. In addition to being a film editor, she has also worked as producer, music supervisor and music editor.

Katina is also an accomplished artist and has shown extensively in one-person and group shows throughout the United States and abroad. Her oil paintings hang in upscale homes and commercial spaces. Her art website is KatinaZinner.com

“My hope is that my work will arouse and awaken a part of the viewer that is beyond intellect … a deeper, more ancient memory rooted in intuitive awareness and our common ancestry with the earth”.
Katina is a fierce advocate for raising awareness, through social media, for the plight of animals (particularly those facing extinction) and our dwindling natural environments. In her free time she dedicates herself to promote awareness in a world where indifference is becoming the norm.