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Jochen Breitenstein
Producer, Director, Author

Filmography selection

1962 Traineehip at ARRI Munich for film cinematography and camera operation

1965 freelance employee editorial and production for the Sueddeutsche Rundfunk, Studio Karlsruhe

1968 USA-exchange program TV-production, for the US broadcasting station PBS, Harrisburg, PA, USA

1972 5 years as department head section documentaries at the University of Maryland, MD, USA

1978 Founding of the production company Cinemonde International, Inc., USA
Commercials for BBDO, Pepsi Cola, Commercial Credit Co.
Lear Jet
 documentary drama (TV)
„Robert E. Lee – His other Battlefields” 

Bio-Pic “Withering” about the British cardiac scientist Wiliam Withering
“The Man who loved the Stars”, story about the former slave Benjamin Banneker
Production Services for John Waters Film „Female Trouble”
DOP for Ulli Lommels cult movie „Cocaine Cowboys“ with Jack Pallance and Andy Warhol

1985 Move to Los Angeles
Co-Producer and Second Unit Director for Ulli Lommel for the movies:

“The Bogeyman”, “Overkill”, “The Devonsville Terror” with Donald Pleasance “The Hypnotist” and “Brainwaves” with Toni Curtis

1990 Supervising Producer in Chile for a project of the Cannon Group: „Secret of the Ice Cave”, with Sally Kellerman and Michael Moriarty.

1991-92 „Krabat und die schwarze Muehle”, screenplay adaptation based on Ottfried Preußlers „Krabat“ for Dieter Geislers CINEVOX (The Never-Ending Story) and the script „The Treehouse”.

1993 „The Upuaut Project”, documentary for Rudolf Gantenbrink Journey of a robot to the First meeting with Erich von Daeniken in Egypt.

1996-98 Cinemonde-TV-documentary for the US Network ABC and RTL in cooperation with Erich von Daeniken:
“Chariots of the Gods – The Mysteries continue”
“The Bible Connection”
“High-Tech from Outer Space”

2003 „The Ring of the Buddha”
Director and Co-Producer of the movie – portrait of the swiss discoverer Toni Hagen under the patronage of the King of Nepal and the contribution of S.H., the Dalai Lama, shoot at the story sets in Nepal and India.

Since 2004 Script: „The Night of the Raven”; „Blindfold“; „The Choirboy Chronicles“, about the life of the adventurer and author Erich von Daeniken, with the director Uli Edel.

Since 2004 „CubanoPankow“ – Cuban-East-Berliner love story in cooporation with the director Dror Zahavi.

Since 2012 „Legacy of Gods“ – 3D feature documentary

An expedition around the globe , with the liveliness and the depth of the human faith, no matter of which origin, as a as a central theme.
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